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  • Swine Research Centres Group
    SIP brings together the Canadian network of swine research facilities across government and academia to facilitate dialogue, collaboration and strategic cooperation across leading institutions in Canadian pork research. This group is Chaired by Dr. John Webb, and includes representatives from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada livestock research centres, the Prairie Swine Centre, le Centre de Development de Porc du Quebec, University of Alberta, University of Manitoba and University of Guelph.
  • Banff Pork Seminar - Research Dialogue
    SIP hosted our annual research dialogue event alongside the Banff Pork seminar in January 2023. This event brought together Canadian researchers and industry to profile leading Canadian research on gene editing, while providing a key venue for the pork industry to discuss this important technology’s progress and potential.
  • Research Communications
    We've developed opportunities to showcase the outcomes of Swine Cluster 3 research resulting in media profile, and through the development of easy understand research articles and partnership with the Canadian Hog Journal to support publication. See examples:
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