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Value to Farmers

Swine Innovation Porc's research investments are enabling a remarkable 3.5% increase in productivity for Canadian pork producers.


Enhanced efficiency and competitiveness across the value chain directly impacts the sector's bottom line. Research and innovation drives our industry's success!


For pork producers, SIP plays a vital role. It funds essential research, elevating practices from animal health to sustainability.


SIP's partnerships with experts and government deliver solutions that directly affect farms. Insights into technology, health, biosecurity, welfare, quality and the environment keep operations efficient and aligned with consumer expectations. This helps producers enhance production and navigate emerging risks or industry shifts.


By investing in innovation, we are investing in a prosperous future for farms and the broader pork industry.

The pork industry is a cornerstone of Canadian agriculture, playing a vital role in food security, employment, and economic growth. Through SIP, producers are building the industry's long-term potential through innovative research.


We believe in sharing knowledge and expertise with our partners and stakeholders in the Canadian swine sector. Through our knowledge transfer program, we provide resources and insights to support the growth and success of the Canadian swine sector.


  • Animal Health

  • Sustainability

  • Animal Nutrition

  • Animal Care

  • Quality

Projects that enhance your bottom line.

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