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Annual Report

Knowledge is our Power, 
Science is our Tool

SIP supports the Canadian pork industry by facilitating innovative research and knowledge transfer for the benefit of the sector.

Targeted Solutions for the Pork Sector

Science is at the heart of navigating change, seizing new opportunities, and rising to our full potential.


Through the results of collaboration and investment in strategic programs like the Swine Cluster, SIP brings the sector together to address key priorities driving the success and global competitiveness of Canadian pork production. 


Collaborative research accelerates the pace of innovation, drives sustainable growth, strengthens competitiveness and maximizes the resilience of the swine sector.

Cluster 3

Cluster 3 Projects Completed

This year marked the completion of the 5-year Swine Cluster, first launched in 2018. View completed projects across priority areas listed below.
Increasing nutrient utilization of feedstuffs fed to growing-finishing pigs
Ruurd Zijlstra, Martin Nyachoti
Innovative micronutrient strategies to maximize piglet robustness and performance
Jérôme Lapointe
Towards a new feeding approach of neonatal and weanling piglet to minimize use of antibiotics
Frédéric Guay, Martin Lessard
Development of novel feed additives to replace antibiotics and promote pig gut health
Chengbo Yang, Joshua Gong
Innovative strategies to reduce feed costs in the post-weaning period
Dan Columbus, Martin Nyachoti
Strategies for replacement gilts that will maximize future milk yield
Chantal Farmer, Robert Friendship


$18.5 M





$12.7 M 


$5.8 M










Other Research Programs

SIP has managed other ad-hoc projects advancing industry knowledge on priority issues like African Swine Fever and Wild Boar control.

CASPP ASF Impact Study

SIP coordinated an impact study on behalf of the value chain evaluating the economic impacts of possible ASF scenarios. These insights support decision-making and preparedness planning for the sector.

SIP Impacts

In 2021-22, an independent review of the return on investment from SIP funded research was completed for investments made across Clusters 1 and 2. The results highlight the important impacts achieved through collaborative investments in research.

Knowledge Stock


Resulting from SIP Funded Research

Productivity Increase


Generated by Increase in Knowledge Stock

GDP Increase

+$25-36 M

Resulting from Higher Productivity


Working together to make it happen 

The Science Advisory Body (SAB) is a committee of esteemed professionals evaluating the scientific validity of research proposals for Swine Innovation Porc, offering diverse swine research expertise and providing recommendations to the Board of Directors.


Boosting productivity in the swine sector unleashes a powerful economic impact across Canada.
Here's how:

1. Generating Knowledge: With improved knowledge, the swine sector's productivity grows across various industries like grain producers, meat packers, and veterinary services. This synergy elevates their performance too.


2. Empowering Productivity: Pork producers and their workforce benefit as productivity increases. Benefits cascade into other sectors, pumping up economic activity and driving higher tax revenues for the government.

3. Creating Economic Value: Our Canadian economy model reveals strong results: SIP's activities from 2010 to 2018 alone increased the GDP by $25-36 million and fueled an impressive $41-47 million boost in combined fiscal revenues for the government.


Productivity enhancing research investments pay off big time!

Swine Innovation Porc enables priority research that Canadian producers need to grow sustainability, competitiveness, and on-farm productivity. SIP's leadership in swine science benefits producers and the industry as a whole.


Message from the Chair


As we reflect on another year of collaborative efforts and transformative research, we are honoured to share the progress we have made in advancing the Canadian pork industry. It is through the unwavering commitment of our partners, dedicated researchers, and the collective pursuit of knowledge that we continue to drive positive change throughout the value chain.

Partnerships have always been the cornerstone of our organization's success. We recognize and appreciate the vital role that producers, government agencies, and academic institutions play in shaping the direction of our research initiatives. It is through these partnerships that we are able to catalyze innovation, maximize resources, and amplify the impact of our work on the industry as a whole.

This year, we celebrate a milestone achievement – the successful conclusion of the Swine Cluster 3 research program. This accomplishment stands as a testament to the dedication of our researchers and partners who have contributed to advancing the pork sector. The outcomes of this program have been nothing short of remarkable, addressing critical priorities across animal health, welfare, biosecurity, quality, and sustainability. The insights gained from Swine Cluster 3 will undoubtedly serve as a foundation upon which we can build a stronger, more resilient industry.

As we bid farewell to one chapter, we eagerly anticipate the next. Our preparations for the development of the next research cluster (Swine Cluster 4) were a major focus in the last year. SIP's efforts and collaboration on the advancement of this initiative reflect our commitment to continuous improvement and our recognition that the journey of discovery never truly ends. I am excited for SIP to embark on this new phase of research in the year ahead, knowing that our efforts will continue to foster innovation, enhance best practices, and drive positive outcomes for farmers and stakeholders across the value chain.

Through the changes and challenges of the past year, we are proud of our new team, which has shown remarkable resilience and adaptability. Under the leadership of our new General Manager, they have embraced change as an opportunity for growth and renewal. This team's dedication and hard work have been instrumental in maintaining our organization's momentum and ensuring that our mission remains steadfast.

Additionally, we would like to acknowledge our board members for their foresight and strategic thinking. The initiation of a comprehensive strategic planning process reflects their commitment to shaping SIP's role in the future. As we work collaboratively to define a shared vision, we are confident that the path we chart today will lead to a more prosperous and sustainable tomorrow for the Canadian pork industry.


Arno Schober
Board Chair


Get to Know Our Board

SIP's 2022-23 Board includes a team of highly experienced representatives with diverse backgrounds and expertise who are united in their passion to advance the Canadian pork sector.
Arno Schober
Chair of the Board
Ontario Pork
René Roy
Éleveurs de porcs du Québec
Tara Terpstra
Ontario Pork
Grant Melnychuk
Manitoba Pork
Director, Sustainable Development & Research
Andrew Van Kessel
Board Members and SAB Chair
Director of Research
Raphaël Bertinotti
Éleveurs de porcs du Québec
Board Member
Darcy Fitzgerald
Board Member
Alberta Pork
General Manager
Denise Cassidy
Board Member
PEI and NB Pork
General Manager
Mark Ferguson
Board Member
Sask Pork
General Manager
Jorge Correa
Board Member
Canadian Meat Council
Vice-President, Market Access & Technical Affairs

Message from the GM

DANIEL RAMAGE, SIP General Manager

SIP's journey this year has been marked by transformation, growth, and a clear commitment to research that is advancing positive change throughout the value chain.

One of our most notable achievements this year has been the conclusion of Swine Cluster 3 — a large-scale and multi-year research program that united producers, academic institutions, and government around the advancement of priority research. Since 2018, this program has tackled crucial aspects such as animal health, welfare, nutrition, environment, and quality. The outcomes of Cluster 3 have led to transformational knowledge and actionable insights that are driving real improvements across the pork industry.

The outcomes of Cluster 3 are proudly profiled on the 'Research Highlights' page of our website, and SIP has also partnered with the Canadian Hog Journal to feature research articles reaching the publication's broad industry audience.

As we look ahead, our focus is now turning towards Cluster 4. The development of this program has been a major endeavour for SIP and our partners this year. And it is important to recognize the expertise and ideas of researchers who submitted proposals across priority areas. The many high-quality proposals evaluated as part of this program's development underscores Canada's deep well of knowledge and leadership in pork research. We have taken pride in our collaboration with the research community, industry and government while crafting this research agenda aimed at generating actionable insights for our pork sector. Thanks to these efforts, Cluster 4 will be a cornerstone for research in the Canadian pork sector until 2028, steering the industry towards continued innovation, sustainability, and productivity.

At SIP, we recognize the value of nurturing a robust research ecosystem. Our efforts extend beyond research management, exemplified by events like the SIP Research Meeting at the Banff Pork Seminar. These gatherings foster communication and collaboration, providing a platform for the exchange of cutting-edge ideas that translate into practical benefits for the industry. Our commitment to collaboration also extends to the Swine Research Centres group—a network of key Canadian research organizations. By facilitating dialogue and forging connections among these institutions, we've cultivated networks of expertise across the country to drive collaborative problem-solving.

Through the changes of the past year, the SIP team has demonstrated remarkable initiative to maintain commitments and solve challenges. The work now taking place towards the development of a renewed strategic plan reflects our forward-focused approach, fueled by the opportunities that lie ahead.

The achievements we are proud to celebrate in this Annual Report would not have been possible without the active engagement and dedication of our Board of Directors and team. I also extend sincere gratitude to our partners in government, industry, and the research community. Your collaborative spirit and involvement are instrumental in building on the sector's research potential, and we look forward to working with partners again in the next cluster and other initiatives. Together, we are charting a course toward an innovative and thriving pork sector.

Thank you to all those who've contributed to SIP's journey so far. Your dedication, passion, and commitment are propelling our transformation. Together, we'll continue paving the way for world-class research, innovation, and knowledge transfer, shaping the trajectory of the Canadian pork industry for generations.

Daniel Ramage
General Manager

Cluster 4 Development

For large-scale, multi-instiutional research programs like the Swine Cluster, the journey from concept to execution takes significant development work.

This year, SIP finalized the development of the pork sector's upcoming 5 year research cluster for 2023-2028. Cluster development follows a competitive process requiring coordination across industry, academia and government to build a targeted funding application.

The application's development took place alongside significant operational changes at SIP. Rising to this challenge while maintaining other organizational commitments was a positive outcome achieved by the new SIP team.
  • Research Priorities Established
  • Call for LOIs Launched
  • Call for Full Proposals
  • Scientific Peer Review
  • SAB Review
  • SIP Board Review
  • Cluster Application Development
  • Cluster Application Submitted January 2023
  • Application Results Expected Summer 2023
"A key achievement this year was the development and submission of the pork cluster application"

Communications and Knowledge Transfer

  • Swine Research Centres Group
    SIP brings together the Canadian network of swine research facilities across government and academia to facilitate dialogue, collaboration and strategic cooperation across leading institutions in Canadian pork research. This group is Chaired by Dr. John Webb, and includes representatives from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada livestock research centres, the Prairie Swine Centre, le Centre de Development de Porc du Quebec, University of Alberta, University of Manitoba and University of Guelph.
  • Banff Pork Seminar - Research Dialogue
    SIP hosted our annual research dialogue event alongside the Banff Pork seminar in January 2023. This event brought together Canadian researchers and industry to profile leading Canadian research on gene editing, while providing a key venue for the pork industry to discuss this important technology’s progress and potential.
  • Research Communications
    We've developed opportunities to showcase the outcomes of Swine Cluster 3 research resulting in media profile, and through the development of easy understand research articles and partnership with the Canadian Hog Journal to support publication. See examples:
SIP plays a central role in enabling dialogue and networks across the value chain for the advancement of knowledge and technologies.

2022-23 SIP Members

National producer representation

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